SiOCX TR sockets

Your benefits at a glance

Comfortable residual limb socket for forearm amputees

For many arm amputees, using a prosthesis is essential at work and in their private lives. However, a successful prosthetic fitting depends to a large degree on the quality of the socket. Functionality, comfort and hygiene are criteria that enable the user to lead a largely independent everyday life.

The SiOCX TR socket was developed to meet precisely these requirements. The use of HTV silicone in the inner socket ensures excellent adhesion on the residual limb. Different degrees of silicone hardness and integrated gel pads improve comfort in sensitive areas of the residual limb, which is a benefit with residual limbs sensitive to pressure in particular. The flexible sections of the inner and outer socket provide extensive freedom of movement and optimum adaptability of the residual limb. Last but not least, users appreciate the uncomplicated cleaning of the SiOCX TR socket. For myoelectric arm prostheses, we also offer the option of integrating conductive interfaces into the inner socket.

Optimum adhesion

Nothing is more bothersome than the feeling that the hold of your prosthesis on the residual limb is inadequate. Thanks to an inner socket made of medical grade silicone, optimum and reliable adhesion on the residual limb is assured.

Hygiene made easy

As a prosthesis wearer, are you familiar with the problem of perspiration in the prosthesis socket? Then we have good news for you: perspiration is significantly reduced with the SiOCX inner socket made of silicone. The material is also hypoallergenic, breathable and easy to clean.

Integrated electrode contact surfaces

For amputees who choose a myoelectric prosthesis, which is a prosthesis that transforms muscle signals into electrical impulses, we also offer the SiOCX TR sockets with myo-contact surfaces in the inner socket. This means the electrodes no longer have direct skin contact, reducing skin irritation and the risk of soiling. The enclosed socket is also easier to clean.

Maximum freedom of movement

Rigid socket edges restrict your freedom of movement. Not so the flexible silicone socket edge, which perfectly adapts to your movements. Experience maximum freedom of movement with the SiOCX TR socket.

Improved sense of surroundings

Even though your prosthesis socket is between you and your surroundings, this does not have to mean that it isolates your residual limb. The SiOCX TR Flex with its flexible prosthesis socket makes it possible to perceive various stimuli, such as feeling an armrest or a touch.