Silicone covers arm prosthesis

Your benefits at a glance

Surprisingly natural

Every human body part is unique in shape and colour. Especially in case of arm and hand amputations, the visual design is crucial for acceptance in addition to restoring functionality. Custom-made silicone covers fabricated by hand for arm prostheses make it possible to restore the outside appearance with deceiving realism. Thanks to the detailed anatomical and visual design possibilities for silicone covers, the arm prosthesis is not noticeable to others.

Every cover is one of a kind and features a number of benefits. Next to UV and temperature resistance, key advantages include greater resistance to dirt and ease of cleaning with water and ph-neutral soap. If you opt for a cover in the "Natural" design, you can influence, prior to completion in Ottobock Service Fabrication, the final appearance of your arm prosthesis.

Natural fingernails

The shape and colour of the nails are matched to the nails of your sound hand down to the details. You can also paint the nails if desired.

Skin structures replicated down to the details

Individual small blood vessel structures and skin pigmentation are important elements of visually recreating the human skin. These are designed according to your other arm. Arm hair can also be integrated into the cover by request.

Living skin design

Up to 10 colours are used in order to make your arm cover appear as lifelike as possible, replicating your sound arm.

Benefits at a glance

Grasping and holding

Arm prostheses assume important everyday functions. They expand the passive gripping options of the affected arm. They also serve as a counter-support for grasping and holding objects.

Conspicuously inconspicuous

Next to their mere functionality, custom silicone covers mainly feature a discreet appearance. Your prosthesis is harmoniously integrated into the overall body image thanks to the deceivingly genuine shape and colour design, making it unnoticeable to others at first glance.

Individually made to order

Every cover is unique, custom-made according to your requirements.

Care made easy

You can prevent permanent stains on your prosthesis by cleaning the exterior every day. Water and ph-neutral soap are sufficient.

Care instructions

Ottobock fabricates custom silicone covers for arm prostheses. The chosen high-grade silicone materials cover all important characteristics for an optimum fitting: functionality, aesthetics and comfort. Temperature and UV-resistance are just two of the advantages of silicone materials. Silicone prostheses are also easy to care for and very straightforward to clean. After use, they should be cleaned daily with water and pH-neutral soap on the outside. Permanent stains do not stand a chance if the care instructions are followed.


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