Necky Color ve Necky Color Forte

Stabilisation of the cervical spine

Fitting after whiplash trauma

The Necky Color and Necky Color Forte cervical orthoses provide the necessary support and safety for your cervical spine after whiplash trauma or in case of rheumatic complaints. In addition to limiting movement, both orthoses also provide a simultaneous warming effect which is very relaxing for the musculature.

The Necky Color Forte provides somewhat more support than the Necky Color thanks to the integrated, flexible plastic reinforcement – your doctor decides which orthosis is right for you.

Flexible plastic reinforcement

The integrated plastic reinforcement results in a higher degree of stabilisation with the Necky Color Forte.

Breathable foam core

The breathable, shape-retaining foam core ensures a high level of wearer comfort.

Adjustable circumference

The circumference is continuously adjustable between 37 and 50 cm.

Anatomical chin recess

The chin and larynx recess ensures a good fit.

Benefits at a glance

Good fit

The orthoses are anatomically shaped and have cutouts for the chin and larynx. They are easy to apply and remove and feature a continuously adjustable circumference.

Skin-friendly and washable

The cover for both cervical orthoses is available in two colours, grey and champagne. The material is very skin friendly and of course readily washable.


  • Cervical syndrome
  • Hypermobility of the cervical spine
  • Rheumatic complaints of the cervical spine
  • Excessive strain on the neck muscles
  • Whiplash trauma
  • Degenerative changes of the cervical spine