Manu Neurexa el ortezi

Early commencement of rehabilitation after a stroke

Secure positioning of the wrist joint and hand

The arm or wrist may be paralysed following a stroke or peripheral nerve damage. Your movements are restricted and you are no longer able to use your hand properly.

The Manu Neurexa stabilises and supports your wrist joint and hand in a natural, neutral position. This encourages active movement, since the more you use your hand and the earlier you start rehabilitation, the more mobility is restored.

Outlast Material

Das klimaregulierende Material (Outlast) wirkt der Wärmeentwicklung entgegen. So reduziert sich die Schweißbildung und die Orthese kann auch über einen längeren Zeitraum getragen werden.


Die Kunststoffschiene wird vom Orthopädietechniker individuell für Sie angepasst. Sie gibt Hand und Handgelenk den nötigen Halt in der richtigen Position.


Der Klettverschluss lässt sich komplett öffnen. Das erleichtert Ihnen das eigenständige An- und Ablegen der Handorthese.

Benefits at a glance

Practicing movements

The more often you use your hand and wrist joint again, the more freedom of movement is restored. In order to make this possible, the Manu Neurexa stabilises your hand and wrist joint in a more natural and neutral position. By doing so, the orthosis makes it easier for you to practice movements in your wrist joint with your therapist.

Comfortable to wear

The Manu Neurexa is made of a very comfortable material (Outlast). Soft edges prevent chafing and sores. Perspiration should be reduced when you wear the orthosis all day. This is why the Manu Neurexa is made of a temperature-regulating material which provides you with the required comfort.

Protecting the hand and wrist joint

Critical situations may arise, especially in the early phase, for example during the transfer to a wheelchair or in the course of gait training. The Manu Neurexa protects your hand and wrist joint against external influences. You feel safer. The sensitivity of the affected arm and hand can also be improved by using the hand orthosis.


Paresis of the forearm muscles resulting in weakness of the wrist joint, for example after stroke, cervical disk herniation, cervical plexus injury, peripheral nerve damage. Especially well suited for flaccid paralysis or paralysis with only minor spasticity in the area of the hand/wrist joint.


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