Lumbo Sensa sırt ortezi

Sensa Line back orthosis

Relief for the lumbar spine

In case of back pain, for example due to signs of wear, the orthosis ensures proper posture and provides active relief for your lumbar spine. That helps release tension and alleviate pain. A massaging, breathable support also promotes blood flow and muscle function.

You can put the Lumbo Sensa on in just a few steps and it is comfortable to wear, even over longer periods. The Lumbo Sensa Women is adapted specifically to the female body and women's pelvic shape.

3D flat-knitted fabric

Thanks to the special knitting method, it adapts to the individual shape of the back.

Breathable pad

A massaging, breathable pad promotes blood flow and muscle function.

Adjustable closure

Comfortable to put on thanks to the continuously adjustable closure with large grip pocket.

Benefits at a glance

Practical in everyday life

You can put the back orthosis on yourself in a few simple steps. The continuously adjustable closures with pocket grips are especially practical here. Furthermore, the anatomical cut of the orthosis makes it slim and inconspicuous under clothing.

Skin-friendly hygiene

The Lumbo Sensa is very skin-friendly. Antibacterial fibres integrated into the knitted fabric effectively reduce the growth of bacteria to inhibit odour formation. The functional fibres absorb moisture and wick it to the surface of the knitted fabric, where it evaporates quickly.

Good fit

The three-dimensional flat-knitted fabric makes it comfortable to wear. It adapts perfectly to the body so that constrictions and unpleasant pressure points are avoided. In addition to the straight form, the Lumbo Sensa is also available in a version developed especially for the female anatomy, the Lumbo Sensa Women.


  • Lumbar syndrome, lower back pain
  • Pseudo-radicular sciatica
  • Muscular imbalance in the lumbar spine
  • Degenerative changes of the lumbar spine (e.g. osteochondrosis, spondyloarthrosis, facet joint syndrome, etc.)
  • Irritation of the sacroiliac joint


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