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Knee stabilisation after a stroke

Preventing overextension of the knee

A stroke or peripheral nerve damage can lead to paralysis in the leg. Walking is often difficult, and you may perceive the leg and knee as unstable so that you overextend the knee as soon as you put weight on it.

Here the Genu Neurexa provides good support. It stabilises the knee and prevents overextension of the knee joint. Bending the knee continues to be possible. You can start using the Genu Neurexa even during rehabilitation and gait training – after consulting with your doctor or therapist of course.


Der vordere Verschluss eröffnet verschiedene Möglichkeiten, die Orthese anzulegen.


Die Schienen sind vom Arzt oder Orthopädietechniker individuell einstellbar, so dass bei Bedarf die Bewegung des Knies begrenzt wird.


Die gekreuzten Gurte verhindern ein Überstrecken (Hyperextension) des Kniegelenks.

Outlast Material

Das klimaregulierende Material (Outlast) wirkt Wärmeentwicklung entgegen. Dadurch reduziert sich die Schweißbildung und die Orthese kann auch über einen längeren Zeitraum getragen werden.

Benefits at a glance

Support while walking

The Genu Neurexa helps prevent overextension of your knee. However, knee flexion continues to be possible. The range of motion can be individually adjusted by your doctor or orthopaedic technician according to your personal situation.

Early commencement of rehabilitation

The sooner you begin with rehabilitation, the more successful you can be. The Genu Neurexa promotes an early start to rehabilitation, so that you can focus on your gait training and may regain muscle activity more quickly.

Easy to put on

You can put on the orthosis without opening the closures, or open them partly or entirely – the choice is yours and depends on what is most comfortable for you or a person who may help you.

Pleasant and comfortable

The pleasantly soft, temperature-regulating material (Outlast) prevents excessive heat development. In order to take full advantage of the material characteristics, the Genu Neurexa should be worn directly on the skin.


Paresis of leg muscles resulting in knee hyperextension for example after stroke, lumbar disc herniation, peripheral nerve damage, etc.


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