Carbon Ankle Seven

For the fabrication of dynamic ankle foot orthoses

Dynamics without compromises

If you have weak or entirely non-functional foot lifting or lowering musculature or knee extension musculature, you depend on an ankle foot orthosis that safely and effectively supports you in your movements and while walking.

Carbon Ankle Seven carbon springs make it possible to build very lightweight ankle foot orthoses that also withstand high dynamic loads. They allow you to walk more naturally and without a lot of effort.

The reason lies in the intelligent design and the modern carbon material. Carbon is much lighter and considerably more stable than comparable materials despite the extreme thinness of the material. Its energy returning characteristics allow for a particularly dynamic gait pattern.

The orthosis design is customised and it is built according to the respective requirements. Standard shoes can be worn with the orthosis.

Carbon spring

The carbon spring as a component of the lower leg orthosis results in a more natural and dynamic gait pattern.

Benefits at a glance

Your choice of shoes

Depending on the complexity of the requirements, you can wear normal shoes (heel height 10 to 30 mm).

Individual design

The orthoses are tailored to you according to your requirements.

Conserve strength

The energy generated during heel strike is stored and returned again at toe-off.

Walk naturally

Just like the natural foot, the carbon spring is turned slightly outwards while walking. It also supports your movements – extension of the knee and hip joint. This makes it possible for you to walk naturally.

Being active

Are you very active or participate in sports, so that your orthosis needs to provide support especially for quickly changing running and walking speeds? The Carbon Ankle Seven is built exactly for your requirements. Children in particular benefit from this.


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