Modular and manoeuvrable

The A200 is the ideal wheelchair for indoors. Thanks to its small overall width and compact design, it fits easily through narrow doors and corridors and is easy to manoeuvre. Its modular structure makes it easy to transport, for example between the place of work and home. The A200 is quick to disassemble, fits in almost any passenger car and therefore offers significantly more freedom and independence for the user. Various adjustment possibilities, such as the back angle adjustment or seat tilt, allow the A200 to be customised to individual needs. All components are designed for easy access, making service particularly straightforward for the specialist dealer.

Safety lever

Patented safety lever and battery pack

Curb climbing assist

Curb climbing assist, to overcome curbs with a maximum height of 80 mm (optional)

Seat angle adjustment

Seat and back angle adjustable to individual requirements

Control unit

VR2 control panel

Benefits at a glance

Modular design

Easy to transport thanks to modular design and low weight of individual components.

Low overall width

With an overall width of less than 60 cm, the A200 fits through narrow doors as well.

Ideal for indoor use.

Thanks to its compact dimensions and manoeuvrability, it is ideal for indoor use.

Technical information

Technical data  
Speed 6 km/h
Battery capacity 28 Ah (C5) AGM batteries
Range under test conditions Approx. 15 km
Control unit VR2
Max. user weight 100 kg
Max. obstacle negotiation height (optional) 15 mm (80 mm optional)
Climbing ability 12 %
Length including footplates 1000 mm
Width 570 mm
Turning radius 870 mm
Seat height (without cushion)
at 3° seat inclination
430/480 mm
Seat width 340–480 mm
Seat depth 340–500 mm
Back angle -9° to +30°
Seat inclination 0°/3°/6°
Back height 550/500/450 mm
Armrest height 225–350 mm
Lower leg length (540 mm with contour seat) 250–470 mm
Weight when empty 66 kg
Charging time 12 h