Invader Basketbol

Invader Basketball

For playmakers

Get onto the court, motivate the team, eye the basket for shooting... everything is possible with the Invader Basketball. In every position, in every game situation. The permanently welded Invader Basketball is customised for every single player according to his or her indication and classification. Every single length and angular dimension in the design meets the customer's wishes – Made in Germany. We guarantee that every Invader complies with the current IWBF rules.


Die Seitenteile werden nach Wunsch angepasst und sind fest verschweißt.


Die Sport-Steckachse im Maß 5/8" (15,8 mm) ist äußerst robust und setzt einen neuen Standard im Markt. Als Option ist die Oversize-Achse (25 mm) verfügbar.


Die Antikipprolle(n) sind fest mit dem Rahmen verschweißt. Dabei ist eine Antikipprolle im Grundmodell inklusive.


Die Rückenbespannung ist anpassbar und mit Lederecken zur Dekubitusprophylaxe gepolstert.

Aus einem Guss

Die Lenkradgabel ist aus einem Stück gefertigt.


Der Vorderrahmen kann nach Wunsch gerade oder mit Rahmeneinzug ausgelegt werden.

Benefits at a glance

For high performance

We tailor the Invader Basketball precisely to you and your requirements and build it to match your measurements exactly.

Precision on the court

The rigid, fully welded box-frame construction creates maximum stability and durability. The wheelchair reacts immediately and precisely to your signals.

Sporty and purist

The sporty-purist shape of the frame combines extreme sturdiness with a low net weight.

For large and small

Flexible custom fabrication also meets special needs and is tailored to individual proportions.

Technical details

Individually made to order

Every single length and angular dimension in the design meets the customer's wishes. Our experts prepare a 3D CAD simulation according to your body measurements to fabricate your Invader.

Aluminum construction

7020 T6 aluminium, the strongest still weldable aluminium, is used for the aluminium alloy. The material is cut to size, custom bent, and welded to make the frame. The finished frame structure is refined in a 3-stage stress-free annealing process.

Technical information

Technical data  
Minimum rear seat height Custom fabrication
Maximum front/rear seat height Custom fabrication
Back height from 220 mm
Lower leg length Custom fabrication
Width Seat width + 20 mm per degree of wheel camber
Frame length Custom fabrication
Length with/without footrests Custom size
Height Custom size
Max. user weight 120 kg
Transport weight 11–14 kg

Dimensions and measures are different for every Invader Basketball, as each chair is custom made. The ready-to-use weight of a firmly welded Invader Basketball is typically between 11 and 14 kg for a seat width of 380 mm and seat depth of 400 mm, depending on the choice of rear wheels.


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