Invader – passion in perfection

Uncompromising individuality

Box-frame made to measure, riding comfort with individuality. When our experts take matters in hand, the eyes of discerning wheelchair users light up.

Your measurements set the standard

For good reason: Individualists demand a wheelchair for active use which is perfectly suited to them. For your Invader, we build every single length and angular dimension to your specifications. The entire seat tube can be shaped to your anatomy and the back upholstery can be perfectly adapted to your body as well. The sporty shape of the frame combines extreme sturdiness with a low net weight – Made in Germany.

Hard, harder, Invader

We fabricate the box-frame from a single tube of 7020 T6 aluminium, the hardest of all weldable aluminium alloys. Even the caster fork is manufactured from one piece, and the footrest can be welded as well. The result: Maximum stability, an extremely low weight and minimum maintenance.

So why compromise?

Illustration shows options.

Axle diameter

Different axle diameters can be chosen for the Invader: 12 mm and 25 mm.

By your side

The side panels are available in solid aluminium; alternatively a carbon fibre version can be chosen.

Box-frame construction

You can't get any harder: The box-frame construction made of 7020 T6 aluminium ensures absolute sturdiness and an uncompromising ride.

Maximum stability

The footrest of the Invader can be welded in the desired position. This perfects the driving characteristics and stability.

From one piece

The caster fork is manufactured from one piece and combines tremendous stability with optimal steering properties. No wobbling, no loss of force, lightweight and manoeuvrable.

Benefits at a glance

Ultimate stability

The box-frame wheelchair is permanently welded and formed from a single tube. Even the caster fork is manufactured from one piece, and the footrest can be welded as well.

Custom design without compromise

The box-frame offers optimal handling, while the custom design provides maximum individuality. And the sporty shape of the frame combines extreme sturdiness with a low net weight. Simply unbeatable.

Optimum driving characteristics

The Invader is extremely sturdy yet highly manoeuvrable.

For large and small

Flexible custom fabrication also meets special needs and is tailored to individual proportions.

Technical details

Individually made to order

Every single length and angular dimension in the design meets the customer's wishes. Our experts prepare a 3D CAD simulation according to your body measurements to fabricate your Invader.

Aluminum construction

7020 T6 aluminium, the strongest still weldable aluminium, is used for the aluminium alloy. The material is cut to size, custom bent, and welded to make the frame. The finished frame structure is refined in a 3-stage stress-free annealing process.

Technical information

Technical data  
Minimum rear seat height 330 mm
Maximum front/rear seat height 530 mm
Back height From 220 mm
Lower leg length 250–500 mm
With 1° camber
With 3° camber
With 6° camber

Seat width + 140 mm
Seat width + 160 mm
Seat width + 220 mm
Frame length Custom fabrication
Length with/without footrests Custom size
Height Custom size
Max. user weight 120 kg
Transport weight 7–8 kg

Dimensions and measurements are different for every Invader, as each chair is made to measure. The ready-to-use weight of a permanently welded Invader is typically between 7 and 8 kg for a seat width of 380 mm and seat depth of 400 mm, depending on the choice of rear wheels.


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