Torsion adapter

4R39 Torsion prosthesis adapter

Manoeuvring in confined spaces with the torsion adapter

After an amputation, patients want to make sure that their leg prosthesis offers maximum freedom of movement and the greatest possible independence. The torsion adapter developed by Ottobock (torsion = rotation) offers crucial advantages for users, regardless of the amputation level. Imagine that your prosthetic socket holds your residual limb in such a way that rotation movements frequently needed in everyday life are hardly possible. This problem can be prevented with the torsion adapter, so that activities in confined spaces do not present a problem – for example performing household tasks in small kitchens. The adapter does valuable service for enhanced comfort, more mobility and a more harmonious gait pattern, not only in the household and at work but also during recreational activities such as golf and tennis.

An added benefit: thanks to improved wearer comfort, the torsion adapter helps prevent compensating movements that can cause subsequent damage to the locomotor system. Your orthopaedics specialist will be happy to provide you with further information.