Springlite II 1E66 children

1E66 Springlite II prosthetic foot for children

Playfully exploring the world even with a prosthesis

Even after an amputation, children want to explore their world and expand their range of activity as far as possible. In order to do so, they mainly need a prosthesis that is not only lightweight and suitable for everyday use, but also allows them to pursue active and sporty recreational activities. The 1E66 Springlite II prosthetic foot for children is ideal to meet these requirements.

Custom-made and featuring high energy return, the carbon foot is available in sizes from 13 to 21 centimetres and can be adjusted to growth of up to 25 millimetres. Suitable for a body weight up to 50 kilograms, it supports all everyday activities and recreational sports. Your orthopaedics specialist will be happy to advise you regarding your child's individual requirements.