Knee joint 3R90

Durable knee joint with friction brake mechanism

The knee is an important component of the human locomotor system. When a lower limb has to be replaced by a prosthesis, the quality of the artificial knee joint is of crucial importance. Through continuous optimisation, we were able to make the 3R90 (for users with a low to moderate activity level) and 3R92 (for users with a moderate to high activity level) even stronger and more durable. What exactly does that mean for you as the user? It means that the integrated friction brake is activated under heel load, stabilising the prosthesis and resulting in high stance phase security. When the load shifts back to the forefoot, the friction brake mechanism is automatically deactivated to make harmonious initiation of the swing phase easier for you. Raising the hip to initiate the swing phase is therefore eliminated.

Another advantage of the two knee joint models: newly designed and visually appealing plastic covers protect the mechanical components of the joints and also the cosmetic foam cover.