Knee joint 3R41

Safety made easy – synthetic knee joint

There is good news for transfemoral amputees who mainly move about in the home and also feel a great need for safety. Our 3R41 modular knee joint on the basis of highly modern synthetic material technology is not only lightweight but also easy to handle. The latter is thanks to an innovative locking mechanism. Even under partial load, unlocking is easy for you as the user. The locking mechanism automatically secures the joint at full extension and you can hear and feel the lock latch engage.

The modern design of the knee joint offers additional functional benefits as well. The front plastic flap prevents pinching your fingers in the joint gap and also protects your cosmetic foam cover. Furthermore, the innovative synthetic material design is maintenance-friendly and resistant to splashed water. The prosthetic knee joint is approved for a body weight up to 100 kg. Your orthopaedic technician will be happy to provide you with further information.