Hip joint 7E9

Small, lightweight and strong

A high-performance miniature hydraulic system forms the heart of the 7E9 hip joint, harmoniously damping joint movements in both the swing and the stance phase with the goal of allowing you as the prosthesis wearer to achieve a gait pattern that comes close to the physiological model. Combined with the Genium and C-Leg mechatronic knee joint systems, the hip joint delivers optimum fitting results. A fitting with the 3R60 EBS or 3R106 mechanical knee joint is also possible. Due to various combination possibilities for components and the high body weight limit of 125 kg, the hip joint is suitable for persons whose pelvis was retained (hip disarticulation) and also for those where part of the pelvis had to be removed (hemipelvectomy).

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Dampened, controlled heel strike
  • Significant reduction of pelvic tilt, harmonious hip extension
  • Controlled and smooth rollover on the prosthesis under full load
  • Small, lightweight and suitable for a body weight up to 125 kilograms