DERMA Skin Care

Professional skin care for orthosis and prosthesis wearers

With its surface area of around two square metres, the skin is the largest and most sensitive organ in the human body. This makes appropriate skin care particularly important. Wearing a prosthesis can lead to skin problems such as chafing, perspiration and odour formation in addition to impairing the skin’s protective function. Our DERMA line is specifically tailored to the needs of prosthesis wearers and offers gentle care for the following areas:

  • DERMA Clean is an alkali and phosphate-free product. It cleans the skin, prosthesis and liner, and has an antimicrobial, hygienic effect.

  • DERMA Prevent forms a protective film on the skin and helps prevent chafing and odour formation on stressed skin.

  • DERMA Repair is specially designed for affected skin to support the repair of the protective layer of skin. It is enriched with panthenol and vitamin E to regenerate the barrier of the skin and leaves skin feeling smooth.