Adjust 1M10

1M10 Adjust prosthetic foot

Stability and mobility for everyday life in the home

You want to resume your everyday activities in the home as soon as possible after an amputation? Walking and standing safely – especially when shifting your weight – are important requirements here. The 1M10 Adjust prosthetic foot supports you thanks to its stability and easy rollover function, helping you resume your everyday activities in the home and moderate activities outdoors. Not only does the prosthetic foot enable a heel setting (from soft to firm) adapted to the user's gait pattern, it also features intelligent technology to compensate for surface irregularities. For you this development means increased confidence in your abilities and of course a great deal more independence.

Individually adaptable in regards to the foot shape, heel stiffness and footshell colour, the Adjust prosthetic foot combines high functionality with a visually appealing design. No wonder the prosthetic foot has been awarded multiple design prizes by independent jurors.