Genium X3 bionic prosthetic system

Genium X3 – explore new horizons

Reclaim all you want to be.

Benefits at a glance


You can take a shower, go swimming or work in wet conditions with the Genium X3: Selected materials such as titanium, hard anodised aluminium, stainless steel and high-end coatings combined with especially sealed components protect the joint's sensitive sensor technology and electronics. The Genium X3 is waterproof and corrosion-resistant. It simply opens up previously unimaginable possibilities.

Participating in sports

Approach it as a sport! Because the running mode keeps up with it. It was specially designed for sports activities. Its functions are adapted to running behaviour and based on the natural model. For example, an increased maximum flexion angle of the knee joint required for running is taken into account. And in case you stir up dust while running? Just do it!

Suitable for everyday use

Walking slowly or fast, climbing stairs step-over-step, crossing obstacles with a natural movement, standing safely on slopes or walking backwards: thanks to the latest computer, sensor and control technology, the Genium X3 responds intelligently to various everyday situations. It adapts to different shoe weights and clothing. The further development of Genium X3 also meets the desire of bilateral transfemoral amputees for more stability.

Smart control via the Cockpit app

With the new Cockpit app for Android devices, the new Genium X3 provides an easy way to control the joint. You can enable or disable functions such as the seat function. The app also displays additional information such as the charge level of the Genium X3 battery. A remote control is of course available as an optional accessory.

Genium X3 + Triton

A suitable foot

The Triton prosthetic feet are perfect for highly active users. Especially robust, the Triton Heavy Duty has a high load capacity and is resistant to water and corrosion.

Robust Protector

In order to withstand the many stresses of everyday life, the Protector is made from a durable PU material that covers the knee joint. So the Genium X3 stands up to even tough conditions.


The best way to walk is with a natural, physiological gait – whether it be during a relaxed stroll through the city or quickly sprinting to the bus. It is exactly this gait that the Genium X3 replicates almost identically, phase for phase. No matter on what surface, no matter at what speed. With the Genium X3, we have bundled this technology under the term "Optimised Physiological Gait" (OPG). It relieves strain on the entire musculoskeletal system, improves wearer comfort and opens up entirely new freedom of movement for the amputee.

Genium X3 gait cycle

1. PreFlex
The knee joint is already pre-flexed when the heel strikes the ground – the way it is with a natural leg. This is automatically controlled by the electronics. You require less force to initiate a step, since the prosthetic foot makes full-surface contact with the ground more quickly.

2. Adaptive yielding control
Intelligent knee flexion control with full-surface contact between the prosthetic foot and the ground depends on the forces acting on the prosthesis. You can safely negotiate hills, uneven terrain and slopes, need to pay less attention to controlling your prosthesis and are able to use it intuitively. Flexion also dampens the impact of the foot, which decreases compensating movements and therefore significantly reduces subsequent orthopaedic problems as well.

3. Dynamic stability control
This is an innovative and patented method to monitor all movement situations. Six different parameters are continuously recorded in order to define the optimum switching point between the stance and swing phase. For you, this translates into enhanced safety, among other things when walking backwards or lunging.

4. Adaptive swing phase control
The quality of the swing phase with the Genium X3 is comparable to the natural model. The lower leg pendulum movement is precisely limited to 65° of flexion – regardless of the walking speed. The increased ground clearance minimises the danger of tripping and falling. Even on slopes, the angle-independent swing phase ensures sufficient ground clearance. There is no limitation of step variance, whether you are taking short or long steps, or walking slowly, fast or at irregular speed. The system even adapts intelligently to the respective shoe soles and clothing.

Prosthesis training

A prosthesis is only as good as the user's ability to handle it! The Genium X3 is an innovative knee joint that offers you numerous functions. However, these functions have to be learned and practiced, especially in the beginning. This is the only way you can fully utilise the functionality of the Genium X3.

With "Genium Gait Training", Ottobock has developed a training programme that instructs therapists, technicians and users in detail about conducting efficient gait training. This gait training can be used for the Genium X3 as well. The programme is illustrated with clear videos. Activities which are practiced include walking backwards, going down stairs and negotiating slopes as well as the Genium X3 standing function, sitting, climbing stairs step-over-step and much more. Numerous exercises have been selected to increase safety and confidence early on in using the Genium X3.

Ideal prosthesis components

Triton Low Profile

Triton Low Profile

The Triton Low Profile makes the excellent functionality of the Triton available even to users with limited space for the integration of a prosthetic foot.

Triton Heavy Duty

The Triton Heavy Duty is especially strong and robust. This due to an adapter made of titanium. Non-corrosive metal parts make the foot water-resistant as well.


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  • Who can wear the Genium X3?

    The Genium X3 is suitable for all transfemoral amputees who benefit from the outstanding everyday characteristics of the Genium and want to discover new horizons thanks to the water and corrosion resistance of the Genium X3.

  • Who provides fittings with the Genium X3?

    The Genium X3 is adapted exclusively by certified medical supply companies that have participated in special training and have experience with Genium fittings.

  • Can I just try out the Genium X3?

    Yes, many certified medical supply companies offer a trial fitting. As a rule, your orthopaedic technician will recommend testing the outstanding functions of the Genium in a first step, and then trying out the expanded application possibilities of the Genium X3 in a second step. The trial fitting takes place over a predetermined period of time (usually a week) and is monitored by Ottobock when needed.

  • How long does it take to learn how to use the Genium X3?

    It depends. Many users can climb stairs step-over-step on the first day with the Genium X3. However, this can also take several days or weeks; it varies between individuals since everyone is different.

  • What else is included in a prosthetic fitting with the Genium X3?

    A fitting with the Genium X3 includes all components from a suitable foot to the knee joint system, including the socket, which will be customised to your individual needs by your orthopaedic technician. Of course the assembly and setup of the system are also included, as well as regular service inspections.

  • How long will the battery of the Genium X3 last?

    Intelligent energy management integrated in the Genium X3 results in a battery capacity of up to 5 days when fully charged. However, we recommend charging the knee joint daily overnight.

  • What happens when the battery is drained?

    Vibration messages provide a timely warning when the battery charge gets too low. Once the battery is drained entirely or the power supply fails, the Genium X3 automatically switches to safety mode.

  • Can I shower or go swimming with the Genium X3?

    The Genium X3 is resistant to water and corrosion, so that it can be worn while showering and swimming without any problems. However, the Genium X3 should be rinsed with fresh water afterwards. It is not designed for actual diving.


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