Patella Pro patella realignment orthosis

Helps relieve anterior knee pain

Benefits at a glance

Practical in everyday life

Handy quick-release closures and loops make it easier for you to put your orthosis on and take it off on a daily basis. The breathable materials of the Patella Pro make it pleasant to wear, and they are also designed for a firm fit so that the orthosis does not slip while you move.

Reducing pain

Taking a walk, climbing stairs, sitting down and standing up again – the Patella Pro can alleviate pain. This allows you to break the vicious circle of pain and avoiding movement.

Being active

Recreational sports such as hiking or cycling: Thanks to dynamic patella re-alignment, the patella is tracked to the correct extent with every flexion and extension movement, even during sports.

Discreet under clothing

If you wear your orthosis every day, you naturally want it to be as inconspicuous as possible. The Patella Pro is very lightweight and can be worn discreetly under clothing thanks to its slim design.

Custom fit

It is important for the orthosis to fit properly, preventing unpleasant or painful pressure points. The Patella Pro has hook-and-loop and ratchet closures, which are used by your doctor or technician to adjust the orthosis to your individual requirements.

Award-winning design

The Patella Pro has already received three awards, most recently the German Design Award in gold. "Thanks to its creative quality, the Patella Pro is almost like a sort of lifestyle product. Its aesthetics and functionality are optimal", said the jury regarding its decision.

Clinical picture and functionality

Anterior knee pain

Patellofemoral pain syndrome (pain behind the patella) is a common cause of anterior knee pain and one of the most common reasons for visiting an orthopaedist. Excessive strain on the patellofemoral joint is often thought to be a trigger. The patella is often displaced with patellofemoral pain syndrome. It moves too far to the outside and pain is felt. When pain lasts for a longer time, a vicious circle quickly develops with pain, compensating posture and avoiding movement. The patella can become severely displaced, especially during slight knee flexion and extension (from 10° to 30°) because tracking is comparatively weak in this range. During more pronounced flexion or extension, it is securely guided by the shape of the thigh.

Dynamic re-alignment with the Patella Pro

With re-alignment by the Patella Pro, the patella is centred so it tracks precisely. What dynamic means in this case: At the beginning of flexion and extension, when the patella is not yet sufficiently guided, the orthosis tracks it specifically. As the knee joint is flexed further, the patella glides into the track of the femur and Patella Pro does not exert any additional force. The Patella Pro only provides as much support as the patella needs at any given time. There is no over-correction. With its unique functionality, the Patella Pro sets new standards in the treatment of patellofemoral pain syndrome. It is the result of years of research and development by Ottobock in cooperation with medical specialists in a wide variety of fields.

Proven effectiveness

Scientists from a variety of fields studied the effects of the Patella Pro in practical tests as well as biomechanical laboratory testing, and have confirmed the positive influence on targeted, controlled patella tracking.

Patella Move exercise programme

Problems such as "anterior knee pain" have numerous causes. Altered muscle coordination often results. Secure tracking of the patella can establish the conditions for pain-free movement. This task is assumed by the Patella Pro.

For the most effective fitting with the Patella Pro and to support your rehabilitation, Ottobock has developed Patella Move – a special exercise programme. It helps you strengthen your muscles and relearn correct muscle coordination.

You can easily perform the exercises at home. However, it is important for you to first talk to your doctor or physiotherapist to determine whether the exercises are suitable for you and to make sure you perform them properly.

The exercises of the Patella Move programme are divided into four units:

Pain reduction
You start out with pain reduction exercises which simultaneously serve to make your knee more mobile. Training also helps alleviate inflammation in the knee, so that swelling in the affected areas is reduced.

With this training programme, you exercise your thigh musculature which is an important prerequisite for pain-free movements, even in the knee.

Balance and coordination
Training proper muscle coordination and balance contributes to your long-term rehabilitation success as well.

Here the exercise goals are muscle development and coordination training. The causes of anterior knee pain include weakened musculature and disturbed muscle coordination. With these exercises, you target the underlying cause of your complaints.

Further information on the Patella Move programme is found in the download area.


  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome
  • Chondropathy patellae
  • Chondromalacia patellae
  • Retropatellar osteoarthritis
  • Patellofemoral malalignment
  • Following patellar dislocation/subluxation
  • After patellar tendon injury
  • Anterior knee pain after knee surgery, (e.g. total knee replacement, lateral release surgery)


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Patient information

The patient information tells you about the clinical picture of anterior knee pain, therapy options, the functionality of the Patella Pro and the Patella Move programme.

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Patella Move therapy programme

In the special "Patella Move" exercise programme, we have compiled exercises to support the fitting with the Patella Pro.


  • How do I get the Patella Pro?

    The Patella Pro is generally prescribed by your doctor and fitted to you by your orthopaedic technician.

  • What is the course of therapy for anterior knee pain?

    The therapy concept is individually coordinated for you and your needs. Medications can initially help deal with acute pain. Physiotherapy is intended to help improve muscular coordination. Simultaneously emphasis is placed on correcting functional malpositions and compensating postures. Secure tracking of the patella can establish the conditions for pain-free movement. This is the purpose of the Patella Pro.

  • Does an operation exclude the use of the Patella Pro?

    No, in fact the Patella Pro is being used very often after an operation in the meantime. Experience in clinical practice has shown that many patients experience significant relief of their complaints with the Patella Pro after an operation. However, it is once again important here that the Patella Pro is integrated in a well-conceived concept consisting of training, rehabilitation and therapy.

  • How long does it take before my pain is reduced with the Patella Pro?

    Unfortunately there is no general answer to this, because the course of healing is highly individual. This is influenced to a large degree by your physical condition, whether you are suffering from chronic or acute complaints, and how much time you invest in your rehabilitation.

  • Can I wear the orthosis under normal clothing?

    Yes, because the Patella Pro is very lightweight and features a slim design. The materials are also comfortable to wear, and breathable so that no unpleasant odours develop.

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