Malleo TriStep ankle orthosis

Active sooner after ankle ligament injuries

Benefits at a glance

Easy handling

In consultation with your doctor, the individual functional and stabilising elements of the orthosis can be removed in a few easy steps over three phases. This provides more individual and differentiated support for the various stages of the healing process.

Purposeful training

The especially developed Malleo Move exercise programme provides targeted support for the ligament healing process. The exercises are tailored to the three healing phases. You can easily perform them at home, but only in consultation with your doctor.

Immobilisation (phase I)

The Malleo TriStep immobilises your foot in the acute inflammation phase (day 0 to 4, max. to day 14). Alleviating pain and reducing foot swelling are the objectives. You need to elevate the foot and cool it with ice in this phase. Your doctor will give you detailed advice. You wear the Malleo TriStep with the stabilisation strap and foot shell in this phase. During the day, it can be worn in a flat shoe that can be opened wide.

Stabilisation (phase II)

In the new tissue formation phase (day 4 to 28), you do not have to wear the footshell during the day. The goal is to continue stabilising the foot, slowly beginning to mobilise it. You continue to wear the footshell at night, which prevents interior rotation of the foot when you lie on your back or on your side. This prevents the ligaments tearing again during the night.

Support (phase III)

The tissue maturation phase begins around day 29, so that you can wear the Malleo TriStep without the stabilisation strap and footshell depending on the indication. This is intended to improve stability and mobility as well as coordination and balance. After the end of this phase, you can continue to wear the orthosis to prevent re-injuring your ankle ligaments.

Malleo Move exercise programme

The Malleo Move exercise programme was developed especially in order to support the healing process after a ligament injury. It provides practical exercises which you can easily perform at home, respectively tailored to the three healing phases. Depending on the phase, you practise your balance or work on targeted strength training.

In any case, it is important to consult your doctor before beginning these exercises. Make sure you know what healing phase you are currently in, and ask how much you can exercise your foot and whether you are correctly performing the exercises shown.

You will find the exercise programme in our download area under information for users.


  • Acute ankle injuries
  • Acute and chronic capsular ligament instability
  • Inflammatory joint diseases
  • Degenerative ankle ailment
  • Rehabilitation after ankle surgery
  • Medial ligament rupture


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Information for users

The information for users tells you in detail how to put on your Malleo TriStep. A poster also illustrates exercises for you under the Malleo Move exercise programme, which you can perform to support the various healing phases.

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Information for specialist dealers and qualified medical personnel

This brochure provides facts and figures on the topic of ankle injuries. It also presents the Malleo TriStep in reference to the three healing phases of the injury, and describes the benefits of using the orthosis in emergency medical treatment. Furthermore, a user reports on her experiences with the orthosis.


  • Can I put the Malleo TriStep on myself and adapt it to the respective healing phase as needed?

    The Malleo TriStep is very easy to use. It is designed so that you can put it on independently, and also remove the functional and stabilising elements – in consultation with your doctor of course. Your doctor will show you how this works. Illustrated information materials are available as well, clearly showing the application of the foot orthosis in an easy to understand format.

  • Can I wear a shoe with the Malleo TriStep?

    How soon and how much you are allowed to move with your orthosis generally depends on the severity of your injury. Your doctor will provide you with detailed advice about this as well. In principle however it is possible for you to wear the Malleo TriStep with the footshell in a sturdy shoe with no heel.

  • How long do I have to wear the Malleo TriStep?

    That depends on the severity of your injury and on the individual. In consultation with your doctor, the individual functional and stabilising elements of the orthosis can be removed as you gradually need less and less support. In principle however, the Malleo TriStep can also be worn to prevent new ligament injuries, for example during sports.

  • How can I clean the Malleo TriStep?

    You can hand wash the foot orthosis in warm water at 30° C with mild laundry detergent, and then allow it to air dry. Please be sure to fasten the hook-and-loop closures and remove the footshell prior to washing. The footshell is easy to clean with a damp cloth.