Malleo Sprint ankle orthosis

Safety plus wearer comfort

Benefits at a glance

Good wearer comfort

Wearer comfort is ensured by the anatomical shape in the sensitive ankle area. Pressure points are avoided by the thinning of the base material underneath the foot and by extremely soft padding.

Skin-friendly material

The material is skin-friendly and breathable. Even during sports when you perspire, air can circulate freely so that heat and moisture are transported away from your foot.

Practical in everyday life

Thanks to the donning loops, you can put the Malleo Sprint on and take it off quickly. A special hook closure system ensures the optimum hold of the laces. You can wear the orthosis with or without a shoe.

Freedom of movement

The Malleo Sprint gives you confidence since the risk of twisting is reduced. At the same time, you can still bend your foot without a problem. Therefore your freedom of movement during walking or sports is not limited.


  • Ankle injury
  • Chronic instabilities
  • Lateral ligament rupture (exterior ligament rupture)
  • Medial ligament rupture (interior ligament rupture)


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