Agilium Reactive knee osteoarthritis brace

Less pain. More life.

Benefits at a glance

Sit more comfortably at the touch of a button

Users often experience uncomfortable pressure from their brace when they sit down. The Agilium Reactive offers a unique solution. Thanks to the suspension system, the strap can be loosened at the touch of a button and secured again with a few turns.

Less pain

With the Agilium Reactive you can master your everyday life with ease, as the brace can relieve pain.

Suitable for everyday use

The Agilium Reactive is very lightweight and can be worn discreetly under everyday clothing thanks to its slim design. This makes it barely noticeable.


  • Osteoarthritis in the medial compartment


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Patient guide – knee osteoarthritis

The patient guide provides information on osteoarthritis, including causes and symptoms. It also includes exercises that you can easily do at home.


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