Active again with the Agilium

The gentle way of fighting knee pain caused by osteoarthritis

Braces can offer a genuine alternative to pain relievers and may delay or even avoid knee operations. Let’s take a look at four real-life stories that show you how the braces in our Agilium line work by not only permanently improving quality of life, but also avoiding operations for a time.

Learn about the experiences former ski racer Christian Neureuther, Karin, Edith and Dirk have had in their very different but active lifestyles thanks to their pain-relieving yet comfortable braces from the Agilium line.

Modern osteoarthritis treatment without an operation

Christian Neureuther wanted to exhaust all of the available therapy options before undergoing a potential operation, and found the perfect treatment method for him in the Agilium Freestep brace. An operation can wait.

Pain reduction

A trained O&P professional herself, Karin is impressed by the effectiveness of the Agilium Freestep. She enjoys showing us how she climbs the stairs with and without the brace and is proud that her gait pattern is nearly normal as she does so.

Suitability for daily use is a must for Dirk!

Anyone who works with their hands, for example, and suffers from knee pain, needs a medical device that offers them as much freedom of movement and flexibility as possible. Dirk, who is self-employed and is working on restoring a mill, has found the brace that relieves his pain: the Agilium Reactive.