Personal hygiene and bathing with the Leckey Bath Support

Into the bath

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Backrest for sitting or lying down

With the Leckey shower and bath support, you can wash your child sitting or lying down: The backrest is continuously adjustable, up or down (at an angle of 0° to 90°).

Other application possibilities

Using the Leckey bath support is not limited to showering and bathing. It can also be used for temporary positioning when you are out and about, at a picnic in nature or the garden.

Adjustable chassis

The frame is height-adjustable. Thanks to individual adjustment, the shower and bath support can be adapted to current conditions and needs.

Shower chassis

With the shower chassis, you can easily wash your child in the shower.

Technical information

Technical data, bath support Size 1 Size 2 Size 3 Size 4
Approx. age 1–5 years 4–9 years 8–14 years 12–18 years
Body height 75–105 cm 95–125 cm 115–145 cm 135–165 cm
Max. user weight 72 kg 72 kg 72 kg 72 kg
Seat depth 225 mm 275 mm 335 mm 400 mm
Seat height 50–425 mm 50–425 mm 50–425 mm 50–425 mm
Overall width 430 mm 430 mm 430 mm 430 mm
Headrest 150 mm 150 mm 215 mm 215 mm
Back support 350 mm 400 mm 460 mm 550 mm


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