Mastering everyday life

Individual fitting solutions from Ottobock help your child develop optimally and participate in social life. They help your child develop their autonomy and independent activity while avoiding malpositions. Their primary purpose is to promote your child's mobility (therapists speak of "verticalisation" here, which means getting up against the force of gravity); this is a fundamental requirement for your child's overall development.

A child's motor development takes place in individual stages that follow a natural time sequence. They can be approximated as lying, sitting, standing and ultimately, independent locomotion in the form of walking. Delayed development by definition slows down subsequent progress. Some delays can even cause irreparable damage, for example the improper development of a child's hip. Such a malposition can occur for example when proper hip development fails to take place.

An optimised selection of medical devices provides you with suitable corresponding products for every age, the respective state of development and all everyday situations. In short: preventing improper development by providing the support of medical devices as early as possible pays off for the rest of your child's life.

Here are a few examples:

• For babies this may be a positioning system for support while playing.

• A sitting system can provide the required support when solid foods are introduced, and later also at nursery school or at school.

• Standers are popular medical devices for communication at eye level or for use in therapy.

• Walking aids, wheeled walkers and power wheelchairs permit active participation when playing with peers.

With our innovative medical devices, we offer your child the opportunity for optimum development.

Eating and drinking

Our seating systems and therapy seats support your child, preventing malpositions that hinder your child while eating and drinking.


Leisure and play time

Our various walking aids help your child acquire and practise important standing and walking functions. So that your child can look the world in the eyes.


Personal hygiene and bathing

Our shower and bathing supports make daily hygiene in the shower or bath easier for the parents and child.


Nursery school and school

Stable and comfortable sitting are essential so your child can learn for life. Our seating systems and activity chairs stabilise and support your child.


Therapy and standing

For children who cannot stand up under their own power, we have developed standing systems to meet the their varying needs.


Transportation and trips

Our rehab buggies/strollers give your child the necessary stability and provide relief while out and about.