Avantgarde CS

Compact, sturdy, reliable

Benefits at a glance

Rear wheel adapter of the Avantgarde CS

Chassis settings

The rear wheel adapter which can be mounted in two directions ensures excellent fine-tuning of the tipping point, exactly as you desire.

Froglegs soft casters

Elegant and shock-absorbing

The high-end Froglegs soft casters with aluminium rims feature excellent driving and damping characteristics.

Folding push handle

Get a grip when you need it

The folding push handles are always at hand when you want to cross obstacles with the help of an attendant. Afterwards they quickly disappear again at the push of a button.

Folding fixture of the Avantgarde CS

Secure transportation

The folding fixture ensures that your folded Avantgarde does not unfold on its own during transportation.

Tetra unlocking of the quick-release axle on the Avantgarde CS

Tetra unlocking of the quick-release axle

The quick-release axle with tetra unlocking allows persons with limited hand functionality to independently remove the rear wheels.

Rear wheel adapter of the Avantgarde CS

Rear wheel adapter

Thanks to the rear wheel adapter with toe-in correction and 84 setting positions, the wheelchair is individually adjustable to your needs.

Technical details

Frame material of the Avantgarde3


A naturally hard, lightweight aluminium alloy is used as the base material for the frame of the Avantgarde.

Powder-coated surface finish

Powder coating

Durable powder coating seals the metal surface and creates brilliant colour effects according to personal preferences.

Shock absorber of the Avantgarde

Shock absorber

The shock absorber dampens ground impacts. This effectively helps reduce problems such as induced spasticity.

Active upholstery fabric

Upholstery fabric

The nylon material used for the upholstery is skin-friendly, dirt-repellent and naturally easy to care for.

Technical information

Technical data  
Maximum load capacity 140 kg
Net weight with seat width 40 cm x seat depth 40 cm Approx. 11 kg
Seat width 320–500 mm
Seat depth 360–520 mm
Back height 250–500 mm
Front seat height 390–550 mm
Rear seat height 360–510 mm
Frame material Aluminium


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