Avantgarde CLT

The permanently welded folding wheelchair for active individualists

Benefits at a glance

Durable folding mechanism

The central double crossbrace makes folding your CLT easier and still ensures high frame stiffness in the locked state.

Sophisticated detailled solution

Thanks to its sealed design, the knee lever wheel lock is effectively protected against dirt. As a standard feature, the operating lever can be folded away for unrestricted side transfers when the wheel lock is engaged.

Understatement and reduced weight

At less than 900 grams each, the purist, inconspicuous Infinity rear wheels reduce the weight of your Avantgarde.

Light and breathable

The ultrasonically welded version of the back upholstery is more than just a visual gimmick, it is also breathable and very lightweight.

Back angle to customer specifications

With the permanently welded CLT, the back angle is also customised – the desired back angle is shaped at the factory and delivered ready for use.

Wheelbase extension

The wheelbase extension makes the wheelchair extremely tip-resistant, either in the simple form or with a second axle adapter when an adaptive bike is used.

Technical details

Reduced weight

The rear wheel position can be permanently welded, offering experienced users an additional, significant weight reduction.

Powder coating

Durable powder coating seals the metal surface and creates brilliant colour effects according to your tastes.

Breathable fabric

The breathable upholstery will convince you with springy, synthetic fibre mesh that is permeable to air.

Upholstery fabric

The nylon material used for the upholstery is skin-friendly, dirt-repellent and naturally easy to care for.

Froglegs soft casters

Froglegs soft casters enhance the visual appeal of the wheelchair with their aluminium hubs and offer a noticeable improvement in running characteristics – especially thanks to the springy rubber compound.

Adaptable seat upholstery

The adaptable seat upholstery is always advantageous, especially when a contoured seat depression can be pre-shaped by adjusting the hook-and-loop straps.

Technical information

Technical data  
Maximum load capacity 100 kg
Net weight with seat width 40 cm x seat depth 40 cm Approx. 10 kg adjustable, 9 kg welded
Seat width 320–500 mm
Seat depth 360–520 mm
Back height 250–500 mm
Front seat height 390–550 mm
Rear seat height 360–510 mm
Frame material Aluminium


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